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  • The NW Family Summit is off to a great start! The Churches in Seattle, Eugene, and Portland all met together this evening for some great fellowship and amazing lessons preached by Cesar, Brain, and Joel! Tomorrow will be the Men's Sports Day, while the women prepare for the incredible Women's Day... [read more]
  • This year the Portland International Christian Church will be hosting a magical Woman’s Day event titled Once Upon a Time. This will be an enchanting morning- filled with vulnerable testimonies, heartfelt performances, and delicious food! An amazing day dedicated to women and God. Please join us... [read more]
  • Program for the Workshop Check out the amazing messages so far: Gathering or Scattering Argo kicked off the workshop with an amazing message! Gathering as a Dwelling for His Name by Michelle Williamson Michelle preached an incredible message for the women! The Final Gathering by Michae... [read more]