1. by James H. Jenkins on May 3, 2016  10:04 pm Reply

    I grew up in the Christian church Looking for a church.

    • by Chris Green on July 4, 2016  5:41 am Reply

      We would love to have you visit! Check out website for the locations of the closest service!

  2. by Joe Dank on June 22, 2016  11:17 am Reply

    I would like to learn more about this movement.

    • by Chris Green on July 4, 2016  5:43 am Reply

      http://www.kipmckean.com/ has a ton of great information for you!

  3. by Michael & Dee Anne on December 29, 2016  8:35 pm Reply

    We live in inner N.E. Portland and we're looking for a new church (our former church disbanded recently). We would like to find out more about Portland ICC, and perhaps visit a Sunday service if possible. How do we find your location? Thanks and blessings! Michael & Dee Anne

    • by Chris Green on January 19, 2017  3:07 pm Reply

      Sorry for such a late response! If you look at the left side of our front webpage, there should be the location listed there. If for some reason it is not up to date, feel free to send me an E-mail at Chris.Green@usd21.org and I will make sure to get you the correct location!

  4. by Noel V. Pineda on February 28, 2017  10:51 pm Reply

    Where is the location of your Church services. I am a disciple from Manila but i want to invite a friend living in Portland to visit our church there. Thanks in advance

    • by Chris Green on March 29, 2017  8:31 pm Reply

      The location is on our front page, it is updated weekly

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